Your Day Done Your Way

Don’t settle for a cookie cutter ceremony. Come to Barbwire & Lace where you have the freedom to plan a custom celebration. This rustic venue is unlike anything you have seen before. Your only limitation is your imagination. We had fire dancers on display Your friendly pets can come and play. We’ve had spa mobiles and food trucks bring meal. We had a Steampunk Circus Soiree and a “Corpse Bride” on All Hollows Day. Come tour our grounds and talk to Carole. She has a wide array of antique pieces to help you create a magical beginning for your happily ever after.

All of our packages give you exclusive access to the stunning grounds at Barbwire & Lace for your celebration. Many other venues hold several events per day and you find yourself rushed about as you are herded from one area to another. Barbwire & Lace is yours for the day. You and your guests are free to explore the grounds at a leisurely pace and stop to take pictures at any of the many rustic props, antiques, vintage pieces or beautiful backdrops.

Many venues do not permit outside vendors or will allow you to use them for a fee. At Barbwire & Lace we do not have onsite vendors. This allows you to significantly reduce the cost of your event as you can shop around for the best price or even prepare your own food and décor.

Daunted by the prospect of finding good vendors or planning your event on your own? Do you need a little help? We can provide you with a list of preferred vendors who provide superior products and services. If you decided to use them let them know your event is being held at Barbwire & Lace as some offer discounts.

If you need additional help contact JoAnn for your catering and/or wedding planning needs.


  • 2.5 Acres of Parking
  • Full Luxurious Kitchen
  • Bride’s Room
  • Groom’s Room
  • Bridesmaid’s Room
  • 2 Full Bathrooms (Includes Showers)
  • Fully decorated Gift Room
  • Saloon Fully Furnished (Novelty) – We apologize in advance we DO NOT serve or allow alcohol on this property
  • In house Decor Store – Opions galore on custom decor located in our charming Old Town’s Store.
  • Pavilion                                                      
  • Backdrops and Props– Shaded benches, water
  • fountains, ‘rustic building’s, and SO MUCH MORE
  • Pergola- bathed in chandelier light our pergola is a shaded oasis
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • 1948 Ford Pick-up truck 

To capture your beautiful wedding day in all it’s glory, we have teamed up with Ryan Hender films to offer an unbeatable wedding video and photography package! We at Barbwire and Lace strive to offer a one stop for all of your wedding needs, so you don’t have to travel all over town, spending countless hours researching your vendors, just to find ones that don’t come through the way you expected. Learn more.